Full Files vs. Update Files

Full Files vs. Update Files

Full Files vs. Update Files

Product data exports contain all product data (Full Files) by default. The default will always be a full file export. If you have selected any filter, the filter will be applied in the export. Full files can be exported from the Catalog or the Import/Export menu.

and Channels can choose to export only the product data that has been updated (Update Files) since the last time an export was created (Once the Updated file is downloaded, the count resets to "0" and will go up as channel products are updated) this can be visualized in the Updates Available column, next to each Plan.

Update files can be exported/downloaded only when the Submission Type of the plan is changed to Update Export.

Define Update Export in the Plan:

  1. Under Distribution, select the Channels tab.
  2. Click the Edit button within a channel.

      3. Choose a Brand from the list and select a File Type.
      4. Change the Submission Type from Full Export to Update Export and click Save

      5. In the Options dropdown, click Download Now to download the updated file.
      6. The Updates Available column shows the updates on the plan since the last downloaded file and the count will go up as channel products are updated.


The Updates Available count is only tracked for Channels with the Update Export Submission Type selected.

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