Manually push channels that are set on a schedule

Manually push channels that are set on a schedule

If you want to deliver data outside of the schedule you have configured for your Channel/Plans, you can select the plans in the overview and deliver data again.

Deliver individual plans

  1. Click on Distribution and select Channels.
  2. Click in the Channel to display more details. You can push individual plans directly from the Options dropdown on the right, by clicking on Push now.

          3. A pop-up will show, click Ok.

          4. While the push is running, a pop-up will show, giving you feedback about the progress.

    If you choose to close the pop-up, you still will see the status in the Last Push column.

          5. You can see the last push details on the Last Push column. When the Status is Finished, Click in Go to Reports to see the details of the Channel push.

          6. Here, you will see details in each column about the pushs you have made. In the Action column, click in the download icon to get the file. Click in the Warning icon to see error details.

    Here you will find details in each column and a Message and Explanation to help you understand better the errors.

    Deliver multiple plans at the same time

    1. Select Plans to manually push.
    2. Click on Push selected now.

          3. A pop-up will show, click Ok.

          4. While the push is running, a pop-up will show, giving you feedback about the progress.

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