Company Profile for Brands

Company Profile for Brands

Receiver's profile overview for Brands

Brands can now access each receiver's profile when navigating the Receiver page. Here, they will find relevant information about companies, making connecting and sharing data easier. 

To access the Receiver's profile:
  1. Click on Distribution and select Receivers.
  2. Click the Company name to open the Receiver's profile.

The receiver's profile will contain three blocks of information:

- Company Information
- Social Profile
- Warehouse Distributor Information.

The status at the top right will let the Brand know whether they have approved, pending, or rejected requests from receivers.

Having this information will make it easier for Brands to make decisions and increase the chances of establishing more connections with Receivers.

      3. Click to Request Profile Details in case the receiver does not have its Company Profile set up.

You can also Request Profile Details from the Receiver Actions column.

Once you have made this request, an information icon will show in the Status column.

Improving Brands and Receivers communication

Brands can now send a reason to receivers to understand why a request has been rejected. 

Every time a Brand decides to reject a receiver's request, it will be able to send a reason so the Receiver can understand why and take action to increase the possibility to connect in the future.

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