Channels and Plans

Channels and Plans

Channels and Plans Overview

  1. PDM offers channels and plans to automate data delivery
  2. Channels are collections of plans
  3. Channels can have default settings which are inherited by plans contained within the channel
  4. Plans can have their own settings which are different from the channel default settings
      Brand: Brand to be exported
      Plan: Plan Name
      File: File Type (ACES, PIES, Excel, Digital Assets)
      Filter: Is this a filtered plan? (Optional) 
      Frequency: How often will the data be delivered?
      Last Push: Most recent data delivery (manually or automatically)
      Updates Available: How many SKUs have changed since the Last Push

Add a New Channel

Click Add Channel



Access the settings from the channel or plan level.


Channel Default Settings

Settings on the Channel level will be inherited by Plans, but Plan level settings will overwrite the Channel level settings

  1. Click the Channel Default Settings tab
  2. See the Brand List for the channel
  3. Clicking the checkbox next to the plan type will select every brand for that channel.
  4. Un-check unwanted brand and plan type combinations in the columns
  1. Select a brand and click the Deactivate Default Plan button to delete the default plans

File Settings

  1. while in the Channel Default Settings tab, toggle enable default in the Default File Settings section
  2.  Click on PIES, ACES, Digital Assets, Excel Segments tab to edit the version and other files setting
  3. No default settings available for Digital Assets
  4. Select whether you want a full file at delivery or only an update file (Update files will include all data points of the SKUs that have changed, not only the changed data points. You can use this data to overwrite your existing data for the particular SKUs.)

Schedule Settings

Schedule when you want your data to be delivered.
       Daily: Not possible in combination with "FULL Export".
       Weekly: select a day of the week and a time.
       Monthly: Select a day of the month and a time.
       Only on Push: Data delivered manually only
 No more bulk files but real-time data availability. Data on PDM is always made available live from PDM suppliers. There is no "on update" export option because that could lead to new files every other minute. For more frequent updates, our API may be an option.

Delivery Settings

Set where your file should get delivered.

  1. Select server/user/password/port
  2. Select root/brand code/custom folder structure
  3. Select the protocol
  1. This option will send an email with the link to download the file (the email does NOT Contain the file)
  2. Enter an email address
  Manual Download
  1. With this option, you can download the files from the overview
  2. Not available with daily/weekly/monthly scheduled delivery (must select "Only on Push" schedule setting)            

Add Plans to Download Brand Data

Select a brand and click on the New Plan button to create a new custom plan for the selected brand


The use default toggle switch in the on position indicates the plan will use the Channel Default Settings. The off position allows you to define custom plan settings.




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