Data Request - Brand View

Data Request - Brand View

Data Request - Brand View

In the Brand View, you can view, approve, or deny data requests from integrated receivers.

Product or Brand data can also be offered proactively.

How to Share Data with Receivers:

  1. Click the Distribution drop-down in the main menu and choose Receiver. The number of pending requests will appear next to Receiver.
  2. A list of all integrated receivers is displayed.
  3. Status: whether a request is approved, denied, or pending.
  4. You can also proactively offer data to a receiver. Click Offer all Brands to offer product data for all the brands associated with the receiver.

The Status of the requested or offered data will change.

      5. If you want to offer the product data for a particular brand, click on the (+) to the left of the receiver name and click Offer Product Data. You can also Approve or Reject brand requests.
      6. Select a Product Filter, a Price sheet, and a Price Type and click Save.
      7. Click to see more information about Invite Resellers.

If the price type is not selected, all the price types are included in the product data.

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