Invite Reseller

Invite Reseller

Invite Reseller

You can invite Resellers to your brand!

Now that your data is ready for your data receivers, you can pre-approve your receivers to gain access to your product information by entering their information.

Once they complete their PDM Reseller Account associated with the email address provided, they will immediately have access to download or push your product information in ACES, PIES, or Excel formats along with Digital Assets.

In the Receiver tab click on the Invite Reseller button.

  1. You can Add Receivers manually by filling each required field, and also selecting the brands that you want to invite the receivers to.
  2. Click to upload a file with the Receiver information.

The file should follow the same format as the table:

      3. the tool will automatically match each column of the file you uploaded.

In case it doesn't match some of them, you can select an option from the dropdown to map the value. When you are done, click on Confirm Mapping and then click Next.

Verify the Receiver's information. If it is all ok, click Finish.

Click Yes to submit the invitation.

Once The invitation has been submitted, it will appear in the Receiver tab view for each Reseller that has been invited, showing a Pending status.

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