Application Segment Overview

Application Segment Overview

Application Segment Overview

In the Application segment, you provide information on vehicle fitments. Applications can be configured on multiple levels.

Applications are defined in the following order :
  1. Year Make Model
  2. Sub configurations (Engine, Transmission, Bed Length, etc.)
  3. Qualifier (ID-based)
  4. Notes (free text)
Any application explicitly included will implicitly exclude all others. For example; if a product has an application of  "2005 Ford Mustang GT" models, the selection of the sub-model "GT" excludes all other sub-models. If a product has applications in ALL sub-models, then NO selection is necessary.

Accessing the Application Segment

  1. Select a Brand and click All Products.
  2. Select the Application segment.
  3. Select a product from the catalog.
  4. Configured applications are displayed as a grid based on the selection.

General Infomation

  1. Search box for configured applications.
  2. Add New Application button.
  3. More actions dropdown menu:
    1. Link application inherit/link application data among your products.
    2. Default Values add default values to your product application.
    3. Universal product This is used to make the product universal.
  4. List View and Tile View buttons.

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