Non-VCdb Applications (Grey Market)

Non-VCdb Applications (Grey Market)

PDM automatically updates to the latest version of Autocare's VCdb (Vehicle Configuration database) within 7 days of its release.

Application/Fitment data is then re-validated to assure compliance. Vehicles that were imported and never "officially" available in the United States will have their fitment data flagged in red. These can be referred to as Non-VCdb, Parallel Import, or Grey Market vehicles.

Working on Non-VCdb Fitment Data

Non-VCdb vehicles will always have their Application/Fitment data flagged in red.

Non-VCdb fitment data can be added to PDM on special request with an additional subscription. If you are interested in this, please contact us at; we'll be happy to assist you.
  • Non-VCdb vehicle applications/fitments are flagged in red as invalid (They are validated against the latest version of VCdb)
  • Non-VCdb vehicle information can be exported through Excel/CSV or accessed through API.
  • Non-VCdb vehicle information CANNOT be exported through ACES.

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