Inherit/Link Application Data

Inherit/Link Application Data

Inherit/Link Application Data

You can inherit application data among your products. This feature also works across all of your brands. By linking Application data, you can combine application data that you manage individually on the child product level with application data inherited from a parent ( one parent product inherits to multiple children products / one children product can inherit from multiple parent products ).

The ACES file includes all applications (regular and inherited).

How to manage Inherited Application Data

  1. Click on a Brand and select All Products.
  2. Select a Product from the Catalog and click on the Application Segment.
  3. Click in More actions and select Link applications from the list.

      4. Activate if you want to search through all brands.
      5. Enter a Part Number to search or start typing, select the desired Part Number, and then click Save.

Inherited applications have a blue background and show at the top the Part Number they are inheriting from. You can there also Unlink the connection.

It is not possible to have multiple layers of inheritance. Children products only inherit application records that are assigned to the parent directly.

If you need to add to those inherited products more detailed data like add Order, Qualifiers, Notes, Position, etc. PDM offers you the Bundle Feature, which gives you more options to add and manage your inheritance data

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