Recommendations, Warnings, and Errors

Recommendations, Warnings, and Errors

Learn more about the colors and their meaning

To access the Recommendations Section:
  1. Select a Brand, and click on Home.
  2. The graph gives you feedback about how many products need attention at what level:

    1. Blue (Recommendation) = Possible Data improvement (e.g., Year Range Extension)= Review recommendation and decide whether it is an improvement 
    2. Yellow (Warning) = Information that should be added (e.g. "add attributes")= Fix recommended
    3. Red (Error) = Severe issue (e.g. broken image link, invalid application)= Fix required

  3. Click on an option and click on the button to open the All Products Catalog.

      4. Click to expand the catalog.

      5. Here, you can see the alert type you selected.

6. In this column, for every item in your current session, you see the progress (% value) as well as the quality of the specific product (color). The color indicated in the icon will depend on the quality of the product, regardless of your selection ( e.g., If you filtered for Recommendations, you can still see the icon colored red if it has any Errors or orange if it has Warnings; it will give priority to the errors in case it has both).

 A red circle means that there is at least one error within a segment.

A yellow circle means that there is at least one warning within a segment.

A blue circle means that there is at least one recommendation within a segment.

A green circle means that the data have no recommendations, warnings, or errors.  

A checkmark will indicate that everything matches the Scorecards and there are no recommendations, warnings, or errors.

The better the quality of the product is, the bigger the percentage ( % ) value. If any of these circles has a number and percentage, then the data is not completely filled out according to the Scorecards.

 By clicking on the Star icon, you can mark the product as Favorite.

      7. Select a product.
      8. In this section, you can see where your product has Recommendations, Warnings, or Errors. Click on the icon to get more details.

      9. You can visualize the Alerts in the upper bar-side and for each specific Application. Hover over the information (i) icon to see an alert description.

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