Know what data content to provide

Know what data content to provide

Data Quality and Validation

Creating "correct" ACES&PIES files is easy (it has been done before) but providing actually rich content is crucial ( it can now be done!).

With your PDM account, you get actual feedback about your content quality and guidance on what data to provide.

Recommendations, Warnings, and Errors.

The colors blue, orange, and red show you all areas where your products need attention.

Scorecard Settings

Validations and associated Alerts can be turned on and off for individual  Brands. Every validation is set to active by default to assure the best possible data quality.

Validation for Prop 65 Information in PIES

Your PDM account validates your product data to comply with the Autocare recommendation and supports you to comply with Prop 65 requirements.

You can filter products by validation warnings to get a list of which ones need to be improved.

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