Export Options Overview

Export Options Overview

Export Options Overview

Export Options allows you to modify data formats at the time of export. These exports formats have export options available:
  1. Excel (Full)
  2. Export Builder Plus
  3. ACES
  4. PIES
  5. Digital Assets

Accessing the Export Options

  1. Select a Brand and click Import/Export.
  2. Click Export in the submenu.
  3. Select a Parts scope and a Database and click Next.

      4. Select the required Format.

Format Options

Each format has a different set of Format/Export Options:

Excel (Full)

      1. Choose to export fitment with year ranges or have a single line for each year of the fitment data.
      2. Choose which segments you want to include in your Excel file.
      3. Choose which price types you would like to export.
      4. Choose which price sheets you would like to export.
      5. Choose Only selected languages and Use fallback Languages that you want to export.
      6. Use the Select all toggle switches to quickly select/deselect all Segments, Price types, and/or Price Sheets. When you are done with your selections, click on Export.

Export Builder Plus

      1. Select a template to export.
      2. Choose Only selected languages and Use fallback Languages that you want to export. Click Export when done.


Make your selections and click Export.


Make your selections and click Export. Click in Advanced Export Options for more options to export.

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