Receiver Account Overview

Receiver Account Overview

Receiver Account Overview

When opening a Receiver Account in PDM, the following items will appear in the left menu bar:
  1. Available Brand
           - All Brands
                 . Working with Filters
           - All Products
           - Exports
  2. Distribution
  3. Settings
  4. Logout

Available Brand Section - All Brands

  1. List of available Brand Names. Click in the Filter Icon to select the Brand names.
  2. Click in the Filter Icon to select the Source.
  3. Number of Published Products belonging to the brand. Click on the Number Icon to see more details ( it will take you to the All Products tab and display all products for the selected brand).
  4. Here you can see the last update of each Brand.
  5. The Approval Status for the brand can be None, Pending, Rejected, or Approved.
  6. Options in the Actions column will depend on the brand approval status. Request Data will submit a request for approval to the brand. You can export products for Approved brands in Excel, ACES, PIES, or Digital Assets formats. Exports will include data for the pricing segment. You can choose to Request or Approve Brands as well.

Available Brand Section - Working with Filters

  1. Click the Add/Edit Filter Icon.

  2. The Filter: All Products dialog box appears. Choose Filter By, select Application, and enter a Filter Value.
  3. Click Show Results to apply the filter.

  4. Click the Save Filter Icon. Enter a Filter Name and click Save.
  5. The Number of Products matching the filter will be updated for each brand.

  6. Click on the Trashcan icon, press the Delete button to delete a filter.
  7. Saved Filters, as well as All Products and Marked Products, can be selected from the dropdown menu in the upper right.

Available Brands Section - All Products

  1. Product data is displayed in the Catalog.
  2. If you're not seeing all Brands or Products make sure to Clear filters.
  3. Choose a Product from the catalog and click on Open detailed product preview to view the different segment information of the product.

     4. The information present depends on the Approval Status of the brand. Unapproved, Pending or Rejected brands will still show all available products, but none of the segment information will be available. Approved brands will show all segment data except for Pricing, which is only available through export.
     5. Segment info available for products of approved brands.

     6. Segment info not available for products of unapproved brands.

Available Brands Section - Exports

  1. You can Export products for approved brands in different formats. Different Segments can be exported. You are allowed to select multiple brands for export  (This option is only supported for Export Builder Plus).
  2. Export Reports allows you to download exported data. You can also view Error Logs.
  3. Export Builder Plus is an Enterprise Feature. Export Builder Plus is used to connect the user’s product data to any other system through a flexible template builder.
  4. Import Reports allows you to download imported data like Custom Fields. You can also view Error Logs.

Distribution and Settings Section

  1. A log of automatic exports is accessible in the History tab
  2. Channels allows you to set up and manage automatic exports. See Channels and Plans
  3. API Settings is an Enterprise Feature. You can access all of your data in the receiver account, and it is also easy to integrate with your website/external system. See API: Settings
  4. Settings allows you to setup/manage additional users

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