Distribution History

Distribution History

Distribution History

The Distribution History shows you all exports done by your receivers and your own channels.

You have the option to download files that were sent out; this gives you the ability to see what files were exported and could give you the opportunity to compare files. This option exists for ACES/PIES XML, XLSX, and CSV files. Digital Assets zip files are not retained. You can also see errors if for instance FTP credentials failed.

To Access the Distribution History tab:
  1. Click on Distribution and select the History tab on the left menu. You will visualize all details of the file's distribution history.
  2. In the Action column, click on the information icon to find out more details about the warnings or errors. You can also download the files.

You can download all XML, XLSX, and CSV files 180 days after the data was submitted. Digital Asset zip files are NOT stored for an additional download.

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