Default Values

Default Values

Default Values

Default Values are accessed through Brand Settings > Default Values.
  1.  The default Language setting applies primarily to the Description Segment.
  2.  The GTIN Qualifier applies to the GTINs found in the Item Segment and Package Segment.
  3.  ACES & PIES Versions will determine Export formats.
  4.  Individual by Base Vehicle checkbox will affect exports of ACESEXCEL files.
  5.  Display Part TypeID checkbox, when activated, displays the Part TypeID of the products, and it also allows you to search a product through Part TypeID.
  6.  Currency and Price UOM (Unit of Measure) apply to the Price Segment.
  7.  Price Sheets Type Descriptions allows you to overwrite descriptions used in a price sheet when exporting.

      8. Package UOM (Unit of Measure), Package Dimension, and Package Weight UOM apply to the Package Segment.

      9.  Only based-vehicle valid sub-configs belong to the Application Segment.

 When this option is selected, Only Valid Values will be displayed in the vehicle tables.

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