Listing products on eBay

Listing products on eBay

Listing products on eBay

To list products on eBay you have two options:
  1. Push individual products to eBay.
  2. Set up a channel for automated data delivery.

Push individual products to eBay

  1. Click on a Brand and select All Products.
  2. Select a Product and click in the eBay segment.
  3. Click on List on eBay.

      4. Click Ok to list on eBay

Set up a channel for automated data delivery

You can create a plan inside your eBay channel. Setting up an eBay plan works similarly to the regular Channel/Plan structure. You can:
  1. Use a saved filter to only list certain products.
  2. Set an automated schedule to list/update products.
  3. Overwrite the default settings you have configured in your eBay channel.

Update products on eBay

To update products on eBay you need to list them with a channel (not manually inside a product). You can then at any time push updates to eBay in the channel settings.

      1. Click in the Options Dropdown and then select Push now.

      2.  Click Ok to push data and update the products.

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