Editing Extended Product Information Values for Multiple Products

Editing Extended Product Information Values for Multiple Products

Editing Extended Product Information Values for Multiple Products

It's easy to edit the Extended Product Information / EXPI Segment values for multiple products simultaneously.
  1. In the Extended Info segment, select one or more product(s) from the catalog

      2. Extended Info values of selected products are displayed as a list. Click on Multiple Values to edit an EXPI value for all selected products


      3. A pop-up appears.


      4. The Clear all button in the upper right allows you clear all EXPI values for selected products.

     5. You can enter a value in the Overwrite all values text field, then press Ok and Yes to assign a value to all selected products. You can also create or delete individual EXPI values by clicking on the text boxes in the Value column.


     6. Click Save.


Note: Character limits are displayed in the right side of the text fields, in the form of (0/8)


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