Attribute Segment Overview

Attribute Segment Overview

Provide details about your product

The Attribute Segment allows you to describe your products by providing information such as:
  1. Material
  2. Color
  3. Shape
  4. Finish
  5. etc.
This information helps maintain a better understanding of your products and an easier way to classify them.

To Access the Attribute Segment:
  1. Click on a Brand and select All Products.
  2. Select a Product and click in the Attribute Segment.
  3. General validations are shown in the upper menu and specific validations are next to each attribute.
  4. Click to search for a specific attribute or to Add a new Attribute.
  5. Choose to Add a Value for an attribute or click on each added value to select it. Click on the pencil icon to Edit existing values.

      6. The Blue highlighted attributes are custom Non-PADB (Non-Part Attribute Database) attributes that you can add.

These custom attributes are not recommended by Auto Care and will show up across your products if you use them once within that specific Part type. PDM does this so that you can easily identify which attributes you've used within your products.

See more about custom attributes and Attribute Management.

      7. The Green highlighted attributes are Auto Care's recommended Attributes for the specific Part Type

What does NOT belong in the Attribute segment:
  1. Description Elements incl. "title"
  2. Information that you find in the Extended Product Information segment (e.g. warranty, country of origin etc.)
  3. Application/Fitment information.

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