Attribute Management

Attribute Management

Attribute Management Overview

With the Attribute Management feature, you can manage attributes at a master level. It offers a variety of options that help you organize your Attributes database and allows you to make bulk changes by imports and exports.

The Attribute Management feature is an add-on. If you are interested in this, please contact us at; we'll be happy to assist you.

To access the Attribute Management feature:
  1. Click on Settings and select Attributes.
  2. Click in the Attribute settings tab.
  3. Type a Part Type and select one from the list.

      4. Select one or more attributes.
      5. The Source column shows where the attribute is coming from, whether it is an Auto Care, PDM, or Custom Attribute and how many attributes are being used for other products of the same Part Type. You can also filter by Source.
      6. Attributes can be tagged. Click in Tags, write the name and add it to your selection.
  1. Auto Care provides attributes standards.
  2. PDM attributes are the ones recommended by us.
  3. Custom attributes are the ones added by you.

      7. You can sort attributes by clicking on the icon at the left of the list and dragging it down/up.
      8. Click in the 'pencil' icon to edit Attribute's name and Translations
      9. You can choose to Show/Hide multiple products in the top bar or individual products in the Actions column.
  1. By Hiding, the attribute WILL NOT be visible in the attribute list related to the Part Type in All Products.
  2. By Showing, the attribute WILL be visible in the attribute list related to the Part Type in All Products.                        

If you check the Attributes segment, you will notice that the attributes are organized by default order:

The Attribute Management feature allows you to edit that order by sorting custom attributes at the top of the list.

      10. Click Add Attribute.
      11. You can add an attribute available from the PAdb or add a Custom attribute to the database. Click Add to the Attribute database
Auto Care attributes CANNOT be deleted.

Newly added attributes will appear at the top of the list and the Attributes segment in the All Products Catalog.

Once you have added and sorted as needed, you would be able to see the changes in the Catalog.

      12. Custom attributes can be deleted from the top bar and the Actions column.   
      13. Click to Import and Export Excel files. Check the Import/Export Reports to see more details.

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