All Applications - Overview

All Applications - Overview

All Applications - Overview

The All Applications tab is designed to help you quickly solve problems with the application data.

To access the All Applications tab:
  1. Select a Brand and click All Applications. You will see information about each validation type in the main view.
  2. Select a validation type from the Dropdown

  3. Each option in the Dropdown will show you different types of validations:
  1. Only VCDB Validation compares product application entries to Autocare’s VCdb (Vehicle Configuration database).
  2. Duplicate Validation shows products with identical fitments but different part numbers. Allows you to quickly find and fix duplicates.
  3. Overlap Validation shows multiple fitment entries that overlap within one product number. Allows you to quickly find and fix conflicting fitment information.
  4. Gaps Validation will show you whether you are offering products for selected part types for any selected application range.

      4. With Only VCDB Validation, you have options for looking at :
  1. All Applications.
  2. Invalid Applications only.
  3. Valid Applications only.
      5. Click Start Validation to begin. (This may take a moment depending on the settings).

      6. The red highlighted rows are invalid applications and the non-highlighted rows are valid applications. Invalid Applications only option would display red highlighted rows, and the Valid Applications only option would display non-highlighted rows. 

      7. Click on the Edit icon to resolve the validation error. Hover over the Warning symbol to get more information about the validation error.

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