All Applications - Duplicate Validation

All Applications - Duplicate Validation

All Applications - Duplicate Validation

For more information on All Applications, see Overview.

This feature allows you to quickly find and fix duplicates.

Duplicate Validation solves application conflicts between products. See Overlap Validation to solve application conflicts within a product. 
Use Duplicate Validation for validating products with identical fitments but different part numbers.           
  1. Select Duplicate Validation from the dropdown and click on Start Validation.

  2. Rows of multiple products with identical fitments are grouped between lines. The conflicts are determined by application/fitment only, not attributes or descriptions.
  3. Note the rows will all have different part numbers. Duplicate Validation is for solving conflicts between different several part numbers. This makes it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions.
  4. Click on the edit button to begin editing the application entry.

      5. Invalid entries can be corrected by further distinguishing the fitments that are the same for different products. Apply changes and click Save.

      6. You can search for specific products or add a filter. Click Update Validation after changing the filter.
      7. Move the scroll bar to the right to see more information.

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