Update Duplicate Notes/Qualifiers

Update Duplicate Notes/Qualifiers

Update Duplicate Notes/Qualifiers 

PDM allows you to easily find where your data can be improved.

There are specific validations that you can turn on in the Scorecards that will show you an alert icon whenever the Notes/Qualifiers are duplicated, helping you to improve your data into PDM.

When activated, these validations will guide you to find where specifically your data needs improvement.

To activate the Update Duplicate Notes/Qualifiers alerts:
  1. Go to the Scorecards sub-menu.
  2. Click in the Application segment.
  3. Toggle the switch to activate the Update Duplicate Notes/Qualifiers alerts.

      4. Go to the Application segment. You will find indicators of the alert you selected and it will also appear at the top of the application where this alert found duplicate Notes/Qualifiers.
      5. Click on each Note/Qualifier to edit.

Deselect duplicate values to fix the alert and make necessary changes to improve the data.

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