Load Data to Excel via the PDM API

Load Data to Excel via the PDM API

Load Data to Excel via the PDM API

You can load PDM API data directly into an Excel file.
  1. Open a new excel workbook and Select the Data tab
  2. Click the From Web option in the Get & Transform Data section
      3. From Web dialog box will appear. Select the Advanced radio button
      4. Enter the URL and API token. The parameter name must be exactly "API-Token", then click OK
Please refer to the API: Settings article to create the API token.
      5. A new window opens up. Click on the List to view the records
      6. Click the To Table icon to convert the group of records into a tabular form
      7. To Table window appers. Choose None and Show as errors from dropdowns and click OK
      8. Click the expand columns Icon and unselect Column prefixes. Click OK
      9. The Records are now expanded. You can check if the Column Names and Values are correct.
      10. When ready, click the Close & Load button
      11. The records will be loaded to the active workbook

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