Import/Export Logs

Import/Export Logs

Import Logs

Active and finished import logs are listed in the Import Reports tab in Import/Export.
  1. Select a Brand,  and click on Import/Export.
  2. Click in the Import Reports tab. At the right, you will find different columns, each one with details about the imports. In the File column, you can download the files that have been imported.
  3. In the Status column, click on Show error log to see more details.

      4. Each column provides details of the errors and there is a message that helps you understand better how to fix them.
      5. You can download the error report in an Excel file by clicking the Download Errors icon.

Only imports with errors have error logs 

Export Logs

      1. Active exports will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

      2. Click Go to Reports To see the Export Reports.

      3. Active and finished export logs are listed in the Export Reports tab in Import/Export
      4. Click the Show Error Log button to view the error details of the export.

      5. You can download the error report by clicking the Download Errors icon.

      6. Now you can edit the data and re-import the file.

Only exports with errors have error logs

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