First steps

First Steps

Welcome to PDM Automotive - your final destination for all automotive data management.

Self Training inside PDM

Within PDM you have several options to access training material:
  1. Tooltips and links to support articles.
  2. Tutorials.
  3. Support Center
Throughout the tool, you will find little icons with question marks.
  1. Click on the " ? " icon. A menu will be shown with a link to a tutorial or a support article. 
  2. Hover over the " i " icon.


The Tutorials are interactive guides through many of our features. You can access these guides in the lower left:

This is the tutorial you should start with:

Support Center

In addition to the tutorials, you can also read through our ever-growing list of articles (This is one of them). The articles are always available at the bottom. 

PDM Support

Depending on your account level you have different support options to contact our trained staff:
  1. Chat.
  2. Ticket System.


The chat is the quickest way to reach us and great for the small questions about how to use the tool etc. You can reach the chat by clicking on the center bubble in the lower-left corner.

Ticket System

The ticket system is great to keep track of inquiries that take more time or bugs that need to be resolved. You can find the ticket system within the same menu as the Support Articles. If your company and PDM have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place, the ticket system must be used for inquiries to get considered.

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