Dashboard: Overview

Dashboard: Overview

Dashboard: Overview

      1. The Dashboard is the first that you see when login into your PDM account. To access it, simply click on a brand and it will display automatically under the Home tab.

      2. In some brands, the Home tab will display first the User Onboarding tips, you can switch between displaying this or the Dashboard screen, or you can also choose to hide this Welcome screen by clicking in Hide guide.

 If you choose to hide the guide, you will no longer receive the onboarding tips until a new brand is created.

If login into your account for the first time, you would not be able to visualize the Dashboard until you complete the User Onboarding process.

There are different sections within the Dashboard that would help you understand your data better.

Quality & progress over time

  1. Select an option from the drop-down menu to set the range of time you want to look at.
  2. The lines show you how many products you have with errors, warnings, and recommendations. Hover over the chart for more details.


The green area shows you the product's average progress over time. The more information you add, the better your progress.


Here you can see the number of the product's Recommendations, Warnings, and Errors within the entire brand.
  1. Click on any of the three options.
  2. Click to open the All Products Catalog.

  Smaller resolution screens (laptops, tablets, etc.) will show the Recommendations rings below the Quality & Progress by Segment. (See screenshot below)

      3. You can visualize here as well the number of products within the selection you've made.
      4. Click to open the catalog.

      5. Choose a product from the list and click Edit selected Products. Edit your product as necessary.

Latest Product Changes

Here are listed the Latest products changes made into the catalog.

Quality & Progress by Segment

Here you can visualize graphics for Quality and progress by each Segment within the catalog.
  1.  Click in one of the displayed options:
    a. Blue: Recommendations
    b. Orange: Warnings
    c. Red: Errors
  2. Click to go to the catalog and see all the products within the selected recommendation type.

      3. Click to open the Catalog.
      4. Select a product from the list and click Edit selected Products. Edit your product as necessary.

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