Using the Search bar

Using the Search bar

Using the Search bar

The search bar at the top left in the All Products tab gives you the ability to search for relevant information about your products by typing a Keyword. This means you can search by Part Number, Part Type, Descriptions, interchangesApplication/Fitment. etc.

Search by Part Number

  1. Select a Brand and click All Products.
  2. Start typing or write the whole Part Number in the search box. The related products will be shown in the Catalog.

Search by Part Type

Type any related word to the Part Type that you are looking for; the search will bring you available options related to that value.

Search by Descriptions/Interchange

Type a word related to a description/Interchange you are looking for, the related options will be shown in the Catalog.

Search by distinct value

This Search type allows you to search for specific short values related to the part numbers by using the quotation marks:

      1. Type a value into quotation marks (" ") and search.
      2. Click to Expand the Catalog.

      3. Here, you can see all the filtered results and the number of filtered products.
      4. Select a product and click in Edit selected Products to hide the catalog and make changes as necessary.

This search type will show you all products where the exact value within the quotation marks is found in the Part Number but also in the Application anywhere as a "standalone" value.

For instance, let's take this "M" search as an example:

M ➝ should be returned since is a standalone value.
M-322 ➝ should be returned since is separated from other values, which makes it a standalone values.
M 322 ➝ should be returned since is separated from other values, which makes it a standalone values.
M322 ➝ should not be returned, since is not a standalone value.

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