Marketing Copy

Marketing Copy

The Marketing Copy Segment allows you to create and maintain marketing text elements for many products at once. You can maintain those text elements easily in your PDM account and they will apply to all products matching the appropriate Marketing Copy criteria. Each Marketing Copy assignment can be further refined to a Part Type or a Marketing Copy Group.

1. Scope Information
Information on how many products the current Marketing Copy applies to. Continuously updated based on Brand, Part Type, and Group assignments.

2. Brand Assignment
The Brand assignment can be applied at the following levels:
  1. Brand Parent
  2. Brand Owner
  3. Brand (most typically used)
  4. Subbrand
3. Assignment by Part Type
You can assign a Marketing Text for all products of a particular part type within a brand. In this example, all products of the type “Coil Spring/Tie Rod Sleeve/Sway Bar Kit” within the “Demo Brand” would be assigned the Marketing Text
4. Marketing Copy Groups
Marketing Copy Groups allow you to manually group products together for Marketing Text assignment. A group called “Performance Series” might include all leaf spring, coil spring, shackle, and shock products within a brand. Groups make it simple to assign one marketing text to products of many different part types.
Marketing Copy Group names are limited to 10 characters
You can easily assign your products to a Marketing Copy Group using the Import

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