Manage Brands in Receiver Accounts

Manage Brands in Receiver Accounts

The default page for a Receiver using PDM is the All Brands>All Products tab seen here:

  1. Brand Name
  2. The number of Products, and the View button, which will take you to the All Products tab, filtered for that particular brand. The information present depends on the approval status(4) of the brand. Unapproved, Pending, or Rejected brands will still show all available products, but none of the segment information will be available. Approved brands will show all segment data except for Pricing, which is only available through export.
  3. Manage Auto Delivery is available for approved brands, and will take you to the Distribution>Channels tab. Use this tab to manage automatic exports like Channels and Plans. A log of automatic exports is accessible in the Distribution>History tab
  4. The Approval Status for the brand can be None, Pending, Rejected, or Approved.
  5. Actions available will depend on the brand approval status. Request Data will submit a request for approval to the brand. You are able to Export products for approved brands in Excel, ACES, PIES, or Digital Assets formats. Exports will include data for the pricing segment. To manage automatic exports click Manage Auto Delivery.
When accessing products for unapproved brands:

Segment info available for products of approved brands:

If you're not seeing all Brands or Products make sure to clear filters:

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