Grouping products and saving filters

Grouping Products & Saving Filters

Grouping and filtering products can be helpful to edit in mass and send filtered data to your customers.

‚ÄčYou can achieve filtered exports by:
  • Filtering from your catalog
  • Saving a filter and applying it
    • in manual exports
    • in automated channel exports

Build a filter

To filter in your catalog you can:

  • Use the keyword search
  • Filter by Tags
  • Use the Filter by criteria
The keyword search will search through:
  • Descriptions
  • Application/Fitment
  • Interchange Part Numbers

Use the Filter by criteria

Open the filter:

You can now filter by:
  • Vehicle (e.g. all Fords, all Chevrolet Corvettes, all 8 diesel applications etc.)
  • Part type (e.g. all suspension components, all leaf springs)
  • Analysis
  • More

Multiple filters can be combined

Save a filter

After configuring a filter you can save it

Saving a filter allows you to reuse it later on and also applying it to exports and automated schedules.

A saved filter can be called up at the top right (1) or by opening the full catalog (2)

A saved filter can be applied to an export

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