Data Requests - Receiver View

Data Requests - Receiver View

Request Data from the Brand account 

In the Receiver View, you can request data, accept or reject data offerings from integrated Brands. 

How to request Data from Brands:

  1. Click in Available Brands and select All Brands.
  2. To filter for a brand, click on the Filter icon and search for the brand you are looking for. Once you find it, select the brand and click Ok.
  3. You can see all the listed brands in this column. Scroll down to see all the brands. Once you find the brand you want to request data from, click on the left checkbox to select.
  4. Here you can see more details of each brand, such as the Source, the number of Products, and the Last Updates.
  5. Once you have selected a brand, click on Request Data.
  6. In this column, you can see your request's status and each action in the Actions column.

Once you have made a request, the brand will receive a notification so they can Approve or Reject your request.

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