Connecting to ChannelAdvisor® (Beta)

Connecting to ChannelAdvisor® (Beta)


  1. Navigate to Distribution and click on the Channels button.
  2. You can see the ChannelAdvisor option listed at the left. Click on the Edit button.

  3. Toggle the switch to Activate/Deactivate and select which Brand you would like to be synchronized with the ChannelAdvisor.
  4. Click in the Display menu; you can apply a filter to select the products that should be submitted to the ChannelAdvisor.

    Filters found in the filter option have been created previously within each brand.

  5. Decide if you want to send product data by clicking on the checkbox. Configure the data you want to provide to the ChannelAdvisor with a custom template by clicking the Edit Product Data Sync button.

     You would need to edit the template that goes to the ChannelAdvisor. You will have pre-configured options, and only some selections need to be made. 

    a. Move the scrollbar to the right; you will see different options.
    b. Click to edit your selection.
    c. Click the Edit column button.

    d. Make your selections.
    e. Click the Save button.

  6. Decide if you want to Send fitment data by clicking on the checkbox. The format is pre-defined by ChannelAdvisor.
  7. ChannelAdvisor must accept your brand to be loaded to their system. Here you see if they have accepted your brand.
  8. Click to Save your selections.

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