Bulk Uploading of Digital Assets

Bulk Uploading of Digital Assets

Bulk Uploading of Digital Assets

Easily Upload thousands of digital assets and have them assigned to your products.

Uploading your Digital Assets in bulk are two steps:
  1. Uploading the Digital Assets as a zip file
  2. Uploading the product to Digital Asset connection with the regular Excel import

To Upload Your Digital Assets as a Zip File

  1. Select a Brand
  2. Click Import/Export menu
  3. Click on Import
  4. Click Upload Digital Assets, browse and upload the Zip folder, or drag and drop the Zip folder to begin the import

  1. Files are to be zipped to get uploaded (max. file size = 1GB -> upload multiple files)
  2. All assets must be directly inside the zip file without a folder structure (Subfolders are not allowed in the zip file)
  3. File names are case sensitive PartNumber.Jpg is different than PARTNUMBER.JPG

To Upload the References via Excel

As always, the easiest way is to create a template for yourself by manually uploading one Digital Asset for the required brand in the User Interface.
  1. Export the digital assets segment to see the necessary data structure in the excel
  2. Enter the required product details in the excel and Save
      3. Click Import/Export menu
      4. Click Import
      5. Choose Digital Assets segment
      6. Click Upload Excel, browse and upload the excel, or drag and drop the excel to begin the import
      7. Once imported the products are connected to the digital assets

Digital Assets in the Company Level

  1. Click Company
  2. Click Digital Assets
  3. All the Digital Assets at the company level can be viewed in this section
  4. In the Search Box, search with the Part Number to find the digital assets related to the product 

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