Brand Management

Brand Management

Brand Management

Here you can create new Brands for your account
  1. Navigate to Settings and click on the Brands button.
  2. Please type the name of a brand to search for it.
  3. You can set a brand to active/inactive by clicking on the checkmark.
  4. You can make a brand visible/not visible to resellers by clicking on the checkmark.
  5. Only one brand can be selected as an OEM fitment source. To do this, toggle the switch.
  6. Click in Add new Brand. A pop-up window will appear.
      7. Click on the Add Brand button.

Adding a brand may incur additional costs. Contact your PDM representative for more details.

      8. Type the name of your new brand.
      9. Click on the Save button.

The new brand you created will automatically acquire an Internal code and a Brand Code.   
10.  Click on the Reset button. A popup window will appear.

      11. Resetting a brand can take multiple hours, depending on the number of products. To reset, please enter the internal brand code in the field below and click Reset.

This will delete all data within the brand, including Products, Logs, Brand Default Settings, Export Templates, Scorecard Settings, and Custom Fields. This will not delete Digital Assets and Export Plans.

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