Application Segment - Default Values

Application Segment - Default Values

Application Segment - Default Values

In the Application Segment, you can add default values to all products at the same time. Overwriting the default values for specific applications is also possible.

Add Default Value for all Products

  1. Click on the More Actions drop-down menu and select Default Values

2. The Default options will open. It contains five field boxes, Part type, MFR Label, Quantity, Position, and Qualifier. Currently, you can add default values for the MFR Label (Manufacturing label), Position, Qty, and Qualifier fields.
3. Enter a value in the MFR Label field, select a Position from the position drop-down list
4. Select one or more Qualifiers and enter any necessary parameters.
5. Don't forget to click Save

      6. Default values are added to the MFR label and Position fields for all products.

Currently, default Qualifiers are not shown in the application segment tile view, but they are shown in the List View and will be included in any ACES exports. Future releases will show them in the application segment tile view, as well as excel exports and the API.

Overwrite the Default Value for Specific Product          

  1. Click on the MFR label or Position which you want to modify for a particular product

      2.  In the pop-up window, define a value to overwrite that product’s default value     


      3. The value has been updated just for that product.

Default qualifiers defined for child products will be added to those inherited from the parent product, not overwritten like with MFR Label or Position  

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