Adding products

Adding products

What to do first when starting with the PDM Tool!

Do you start with existing ACES&PIES XML files or do you start from scratch?

Starting with existing ACES&PIES XML files
We will load the XML files for you to make sure they pass the xsd validations. The validation in your PDM account will give you feedback about the quality of your existing data. We give you feedback in three categories: errors, warnings and recommendations.

Starting from Scratch

Add parts individually inside the tool
Add parts by using the Excel Load Sheet
Use the Recommendation Tags to identify necessary data points

Adding products to your ACES&PIES catalog to keep it up to date needs to be easy - with PDM you will have your data generated in minutes!

You can add products in various ways:
  1. Manually create individual products
  2. Copy an existing product
  3. Add product data in bulk through Excel Import
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