Adding 360 Digital Assets

Adding 360 Digital Assets

Adding 360 Digital Assets

PDM tool has two options to add and delete 360 digital Assets:
  1. Adding 360 Digital Assets using the PDM UI for one product
  2. Adding 360 Digital Assets by Import for many products

Using the PDM UI for one Product

  1. Click on a Brand and select All Products.
  2. Select the required product from the catalog and choose the Digital Assets Segment.
  3. Select an import option. In this case, we're choosing the Add from local PC option.

The .zip file you upload will usually contain many images of the same product at different angles.

      4. Choose 360 Degree Image Set for Image Type and then click Save Asset.

      5. Now your .zip file with 360 Image set has been added. Click in View/Edit Details to make changes.

      6. To Delete the Digital Asset, select the .zip file and click on the "x" in the up-right corner.

By Import for many Products

Your 360 image sets should be many zipped folders containing the 360 images. These can also be stored within one bigger zip file as long as it does not exceed 4GB.
  1. Click on a Brand and select Import/Export.
  2. Select the Digital Assets format and click on Upload Digital Assets or select the required 360 zip folders and drag them into the Upload Digital Assets box.

      3. Now that the images have been added, navigate to All Products, select the product 360 images were added to, click Actions, and Export > Excel (Full)

      4. Choose Digital Assets and then Export.

      5. When the export is finished, open the file, fill out the necessary fields and then save the file.

      6. Navigate to Import within the Import/Export section.
      7. Select Digital Assets in the Excel(Full) format.
      8. Click Upload Excel or drag and drop the file.

Your 360 images are now linked to your products!

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